Our Solutions

Whether your costumers swipe, insert, or tap their cards, deliver a satisfying purchase experience. Our secure, scalable payment technologies are tailored to the needs of your business and the many ways your customers like to pay. 

Point of Sale (POS) Systems


Offering cloud based POS systems with the tools to help improve sales. The tablet, mobile, and countertop solutions will help you manage your business anywhere and anytime. 

Mobile Payments


Take your business anywhere and securely process payments on your phone or tablet for a fast, safe, and flexible checkout experience. Payments are processed in real time with an e-receipt generated and sent to the customer via email as soon as the transaction takes place.  

Virtual Processing


Card not present payments made simple. This is the perfect solution for business that take credit card payments over the phone, through the mail, or need to set up recurring  billing payments. 



Grow sales online via your website. Online payment processing will help expand your business beyond your four walls. If you are a business owner currently selling out a store, developing, or turning your website into an online store with a shopping cart STARpay has solutions to reach your customers.

Web Payments


Provide a frictionless and simple payment process on the web for your consumer. 

Contactless Solutions


Safeguard the payment processing experience by offering contactless payment solutions. Allow your customers to pay with the latest mobile wallets and QR codes. 

API/Software Integration


Accept payments your way and lower processing fees with our seamless integrations. Our integrations allows you to run your business while protecting your bottom line. 

B2B Savings


 Automatically pass Level 2 and Level 3 processing data on every transaction, lowering processing costs. A win-win for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors or any business selling to other businesses or government. Enjoy the benefit of technology without any additional work. 



STARpay has efficient solutions when it comes to generating invoices. Our online invoicing systems automatically ensure that your invoice sequences are correct and that all items are tallied up properly. With optional integration platforms your E-Invoices can sync with accounting software like Quickbooks, you'll get more visibility into your business finances. 

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